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December 18, 2012

Sintering Simulations: Part 2

Filed under: Grains, KMC, Sintering — Kris Reyes @ 8:33 pm

Here, we present simulation results of sintering on a longer time scale than the previous simulations. Average grain size and number of grains are plotted as a function of time.

The simulation was performed as before, fixing \rho = 1.6 and temperature at 600K. The system was sintered for 10,000 seconds. Here is the final result:


Here is a movie of the simulation:

The video can be downloaded here and here (high quality).

The number of grains and average grain size (# atoms) were calculated as a function of simulated time:

avg_grain_size num_grains

The simulation was performed in 42,498,612,088 billion steps and 68,802 seconds CPU time, about 617,694 steps per second.


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