Kris's Research Notes

March 21, 2012

Nucleation Regime

Filed under: GaAs Simulations — Kris Reyes @ 6:58 pm

In this note we discuss the nucleation process, one of the three key processes involved in droplet epitaxy. We derive an expression for the critical nucleus radius and compare it with the size of a liquid droplet at fixed growth conditions. We shall see that this defines a regime in which nucleation is impossible in equilibrium. This regime agrees well with the morphological phase diagram obtained through simulations.



March 12, 2012

2+1 GaAs Simulations

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Our KMC code can be easily extended to 2+1 dimensions by altering the underlying lattice to include a z-component. In this note, I describe how this change was made and present interesting simulation results from a brief set of runs with the 2+1 system. While the parameters used have not been tuned to experimental evidence, we see that the simulations are able to capture a wide range of phenomena that depend on both energy and experimental parameters. This can serve as a starting point for future work.