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February 22, 2012

How Ga-As and Ga-Ga bonds affect Roughness and Wicking. Also, nanowires.

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Recall previously we had considered increasing the Ga-As bond strength \gamma_{GA} and decreasing the Ga-Ga bond strength \gamma_{GG}. Doing so would increase the difference in the local energies between a solid, crystalline and liquid neighborhoods. With our old energies (\gamma_{GA} = 0.5eV, \gamma_{GG} = 0.3eV), the difference in local energies between solid and liquid neighborhoods is = 0.8 eV. Setting \gamma_{GA} = 0.7eV and \gamma_{GG} = 0.24eV, this difference becomes 1.84 eV. In this note, we examine the effect of changing these parameters on simulation results.



February 15, 2012

Bulk Diffusion and Liquid Cores

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Recall, we had discovered that antisite defects in GaAs diffused through the crystal quite quickly. In this note, we discuss a bulk diffusion barrier that addresses this problem.